Over the years, Daniel Kopman has successfully resolved a wide variety of disputes through the mediation process whereby he
has served as a neutral.  Mediation is a process of conflict resolution which is in no fashion binding in result or consequence
unless the process actually results in a settlement.  As a result, the process generally has little downside to participants.  For this
reason, mediation has become an integral part of the life cycle of litigation in most cases.

Underlying Mr. Kopman's successful mediation practice is strong training in Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") offered
through the Strauss Institute of Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, California in addition to other dispute resolution
educational venues.  Mr. Kopman has served as settlement officer for the United States District Court and U.S. Bankruptcy Court
for the Ninth Circuit, as well as the Superior Court for the State of California.


By contrast to mediation, which requires an accord for the process to be binding, arbitration generates a binding award similar to
the case with a verdict or judgment after trial.  Arbitration can be contractual or consensual as circumstances dictate.  Arbitration
avoids the unpredictability associated with using a jury as the trier of fact.  Moreover, arbitration is final as there is generally no
appeal from an arbitration award.  Consequently, the process is generally far more cost-effective than a full-blown trial.   

Daniel Kopman provides services as arbitrator both in matters necessitating a single arbitrator and in three-member arbitration
panels.  Kopman Law can assist in empaneling a full unbiased and experienced arbitration panel.  Mr. Kopman of course is
equally willing to serve on panels the composition of which has been assembled by agreement of the parties.

While Daniel's broad business and CPA background makes for versatility in virtually all categories of disputes which have
financial underpinnings or consequences, he deals with an extensive variety of securities cases and in so doing frequently serves
as arbitration chairman in arbitrations conducted under the auspices of FINRA. (Formerly the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
and National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD).

Reference Materials for Securities Mediation and Arbitration:

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