About Us

    Eiger Capital Management LLC ("ECM"), also known as Kopman Financial Advisors, is a
    Registered Investment Advisor licensed and regulated by the State of California. ECM is
    operated by Daniel D. Kopman JD CPA.*  Mr. Kopman has served as an attorney,
    accountant, business consultant and trusted financial advisor to his clients for over 25
    years and continues to offer his guidance and experience in various capacities, most
    recently under the auspices of fee-based financial planning and investment management

    Please note that Eiger Capital Management stands as an independent service provider for
    clients who prefer to avail themselves of its services exclusively. However, a significant and
    positive differentiating factor between ECM and other investment advisers rests in our
    approach, which integrates sound tax, estate and asset protection planning through inter-
    disciplinary strategic alliances with other firms, including Kopman Law Advisors, as more
    thoroughly detailed below.

    Our Mission

    Kopman Financial had its genesis in the belief that by serving a client's best interests, a
    financial advisor will find a clear path to its own success.  To elaborate a bit, for years
    Daniel Kopman has observed individuals who, notwithstanding their financial resources,
    have consistently failed to meet their financial and estate planning goals.  Most often, when
    fixing these fragmented financial and estate plans, he observed that the client's advisors
    (accountants, lawyers, financial planners and insurance advisors) had not been
    communicating with one another.  As a result, key planning features had been overlooked,
    resulting in sub-standard financial performance, incurring otherwise avoidable taxes and, in
    the more egregious cases, the client's testamentary wishes not being followed.

    Based upon such anecdotal observations, Daniel Kopman concluded that a firm offering a
    complete solution through itself and through strategic alliances would eliminate the above
    disorganization and provide an immediately realizable and more cost-effective solution.  
    While each client has individualized goals and circumstances which can only be realized by
    individually tailored planning, the thing all clients have in common is that their objectives
    whatever they may be, will best be achieved through an integrated solution; one in which
    wealth building/accretion, estate planning, asset protection and business succession,
    among other objectives, are harmonized. Please select the "Our Business" tab for more
    information about our services and how we strive for consistency in following our mission

    Strategic Alliances

    The Law Offices of Daniel D. Kopman and Kopman Law Advisors, a full service law firm
    representing clients throughout the United States with a broad range of legal services.  
    Click here for Kopman Law Advisors

    Disclosure and Notice

    The above Strategic Alliances are separate businesses entities.  Any recommended legal
    services or documents which the Client decides to have executed on his/her/its account will
    be subject to a separate retainer and fee agreement between the Client and Kopman Law
    Advisors. The Client is hereby advised that he/se/it may seek the advice of an independent
    lawyer of the Client's choice regarding the preparation of any or all legal services or
    documents. A Client is encouraged to seek that advice or service if the Client desires.

    * Mr. Kopman does not maintain an active CPA practice.  His license is in good standing and currently
    under "inactive" status.