Our Business

    Eiger Capital Management LLC ("Eiger" or "ECM"), also known as Kopman Financial
    Advisors, provides investment management services and fee-based financial planning
    services. The following is a general description of our services:

    Investment Management Services

    Investment management broken down to its most fundamental level involves selecting and
    purchasing a portfolio of equity, fixed income and alternative securities for clients as
    appropriately tailored to a  client’s particular circumstances including time horizon, risk
    tolerance and other preferences.  Once a portfolio has been established, ECM carefully
    monitors the performance of portfolios, this with an eye toward achieving the client's goals
    and objectives. As appropriate, we buy and sell securities in reaction to changes in
    performance of particular securities, in the market and within the macro economy.  Clients
    receive brokerage statements and detailed performance reports at desired intervals,
    typically monthly and quarterly, respectively. Clients may also review their securities
    accounts on line at any time. In some cases, the client retains discretion to authorize
    recommended trades.  In other cases, the client delegates discretionary authority to Eiger
    to enter transactions on the client’s account.  

    Our Investment management services commence only after we have completed a couple of
    steps. First, we meet with and interview prospective clients to ascertain whether we are a
    good fit for the client, and vice versa.  Building trust, strong relationships and good
    communications are the cornerstone of our business.  Only if these qualities exist in a
    prospective relationship, or we believe they can be achieved within a reasonable time, will
    we enter into a relationship.  Of course, the best advisor-client relationships are those with
    qualities that will allow them to stand the test of time and even serve as a platform for inter-
    generational client relationships.

    After providing a prospective client with our investment brochure and the terms of our
    management arrangement have been negotiated and then memorialized in a signed
    investment management agreement, we begin to take steps to move existing client funds
    and securities into the client’s custodial fund which is maintained at a well respected broker

    Fee-Based Financial Planning Services

    Comprehensive fee-based financial planning services are available irrespective of whether
    a client wishes to work with Eiger Capital Management to implement the resultant plan and
    manage the client’s investments or, indeed, chooses to work with another business or partly
    with ECM and another firm. After a thorough analysis of the client’s investment, tax, estate
    planning, and insurance profile, among other things, a detailed written report is prepared.  
    Importantly, the resultant financial planning report is the blueprint for implementing a client’s
    financial plan.  Our assistance in implementing the plan is available upon request.  As with
    investment management services, a written client-advisor agreement is required for fee-
    based financial planning services.

    Fee and General Information

    Importantly, as set forth in our agreement, clients may terminate our services at any time
    without risk or penalty should they, for whatever reason, determine there is a desire to do

    Fees for investment management and fee based financial services are always the result of
    negotiation with the client as outlined in ECM's firm brochure.  Investment management
    services are generally provided in exchange for an annualized fee which is calculated
    based upon a negotiated annualized percentage of the client’s assets under management
    (AUM), and which is typically payable in prorated quarterly installments.

    As with investment management services, the cost of fee-based financial planning services
    is negotiable and, based upon a client’s preferences may include fixed-fee arrangements
    or, alternatively, based upon hourly billable rates.

    Please contact us should you wish to learn more about our firm and the services we provide.